Sunday, November 6


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Hi guysss! So now, we're on our fourth day and it's about:

Day 04 — Your favorite dress

Herlynn's choice:

I am a fan of dresses. Like I get three every two weeks but I rarely wear them. I bought this a few weeks ago and this has to be one of the prettiest and more sophisticated ones I have in my closet. It's in like this suede(?) navy blue color, braided neckline with sheer gray sleeves and braided cuffs. This would look matronly but the sexy part is the length. It's short enough to be called sexy. When I get to wear it (and I will, pretty soon;) ) I'd take a better picture. But for now, this serves as a teaser. A really ugly teaser. Blehehehe.

What I would like to have:

International designer:

Local Designer:


Chay's choice:

I'm a dress girl as well. If I would pick one type of clothing for the rest of my life... that would be dresses! Mmm... I love all my dresses equally but I would have to say my LBD which I featured on my three day challenge.

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What I would like to have:

Can I have all the dresses in the world? Haha! Seriously! It's really hard for me to choose one or two... But fine. Since we are reviewing the Philippine Fashion Week that just passed... I want the Top 1 dress from Michael Cinco's Spring/Summer 2011 line. 
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I don't know where I will wear this. Prolly in a wedding or a party. HAHAHA! I just love love this. Ugh, can't get enough. But yeah I would love to own all the dresses in the world!

So what's your favorite dress? Leave it on our askbox! 


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