Thursday, September 8

Three-Day Challenge: Little Black Dress - Day 1

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Hi guys! So Herlynn and I are making this new segment called "Three-Day Challenge" where we get to wear one apparel, three different ways in three different days. We promise we won't cheat - we will actually wear this three days in a row! May it be shoes, tops or bottoms, we'll show you that you can recycle an outfit and still make it fashionable per usage! Enjoy!

For my first challenge I picked my black dress...

We're getting such good weather in Vancouver so I have to take advantage of it to wear my summer clothes!

Please don't mind my face. I had a hard time using the self-timer... Haha!

Black Dress - Sirens
Black&White crop top - Forever21
Rosary Necklace - Aldo
Cross Ring - Aldo
Rings - From my sister
Combat Boots - Gia

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