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What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #13.

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Chay's Top Three Picks!
Outfit # 1: I love this romper! You can do anything with a romper! Wear a blazer, wear tights inside... Just anything! I love how the design can be casual and classy/stylish at the same time! It has pockets too!
Outfit # 2: Very gorgeous details on the dress. The dress poofed on the perfect place. Very pretty colour, it looks metallic! 
Outfit # 3: Nice details! I love how it just flows down. Looks very lightweight! I love the details on the top!

OVERALL VERDICT: I enjoyed all the details in the dresses. It looks very clean and very well done as well!

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!


Outfit #1: I love this dress for two reasons: One, because though the details on the upper area are already a big statement, it doesn't look dragging and two, the draping of the dress is a subtle texture that puts away what could have been a heavy bottom. Very beautiful dress.
Outfit #2: Another bad fit on a model. The Dress is a size bigger than what should fit the model, so the silhouette doesn't do her justice. But I love the layers of different textiles, and the loose neckline.
Outfit #3: I love the kimono. It was a fad back in '08 but nobody was able to show it off. And I love that underneath was a long-sleeved dress, which is a smart pair for this stunning outerwear.

OVERALL VERDICT: I enjoyed seeing this collection. Even the designer's outfit was chic! (click the link to see the other dresses and the designer as well).

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