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What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #12.

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Chay's Top Three Picks!
Outfit # 1: I love love loove how the details on the dress really brings out the curves of the model. This is really perfect for girls who was not blessed with curves, like me! I am inlove with this dress. Perfect! Love the shoes as well! I don't think I would wear the hat though but love this whole outfit nonetheless! 
Outfit # 2: Very Audrey Hepburn! I love how simple this look is but it still gives you that elegant factor! I am definitely a sucker for cream and nudes. I think the belt is just perfect!
Outfit # 3: I don't think I can rock this look but I just loved this! It gives me that Charlie's Angels vibe. Haha me and my analogies. It fits the model perfectly! The belt again finishes the entire look!

OVERALL VERDICT: Really simple line. Not over the top. No gimmicks. I really liked it! Perfect for simple girls who are afraid of colours but still want to be stylish.

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!

Outfit #1: Very Audrey Hepburn! Yes Chay and I said the same thing but it does give you that vibe! I felt it even before I saw her review. I love the color, I love the cut of the sleeves. So minimal yet it stands out.
Outfit #2: I love this. Reminiscent of something retro but it's very modern because of the color. And I love where the belt cuts the waist; it makes the legs seem longer.
Outfit #3: I think the fit on the model is a size bigger that's why it looks boxy, but I think the textile is stunning.
OVERALL VERDICT: Though the line is really beautiful, I think it can only speak for an older demographic. A bit youthful but at the same time it's more serious for my taste. I would want to wear all of this after 5 years but now? Hmm, not so much.
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