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For those of you asking what this right here is, well, it's not your typical fashion blog.

First of, we're Chay and Herlynn - two vivacious and sometimes cranky lassies in their *humhum* teens whose habit is to talk about food and fashion all day. These two were schoolmates back in their early years but Chay moved to Canada while Herlynn stayed in Manila. Though one ocean apart, they never seized to believe that distance was a hindering factor to their friendship and alas, here we are, back to your first querie.

What, exactly, is this blog?
For starters, this blog, as stated earlier, is not your typical fashion blog. Blogs under the genre "fashion", especially in the Philippines, consists of primarily wealthy yuppies whose articles are mainly composed of dressing radically using branded clothes. But, come to think of it, as much as they would want to, not all of their readers and avid followers can afford even the belt they're wearing, let alone go to the fashion events they've been to. They go and shop for trendy clothing that many would admire and want, but could never have.

So this is where we get in.

We are not your typical Filipino fashion blog because our posts tackle what fashion must be for the average Filipina who can't afford to get decked-out in designer clothes everyday - chic but very practical. We both believe that it's unnecessary for a girl - especially in this kind of economic instability - to go buy a 1500php worth of denim shorts, when she could buy one at almost half the price found in Divisoria or even unbranded areas at the department store. We are the kind of people who perpetuates the saying "fashion over function, but cost is our main priority".

Articles such as:
"How to Dress like your Favorite Star for Less"
"Make-Up pick of the Week"
"Fashion Say What?" (Fashion terms and slangs most did not know, or have ever heard of)
"Divi Challenge" (shopping for the cheapest but trendiest clothing from famous street markets in Manila)
and "How to Wear Clothes in Different Ways" will be our featured blogs.*

Articles such as:
"Do-It-Yourself tips" (self-help guidelines to get "prettyfied" without costing you so much)
"No-cent wasted beauty regimen" (for the everyday Filipina who can't afford a facial, hey! Cucumbers and Calamnsi will do!)
"Under 100: cheap/fancy finds while on a budget" are our basic blogs and will be posted regularly.*

*features are subjected to change prior notice. these are our preliminary topics that may/may not change.

To end this introductory blog, we will disclaim the fact that we are professionals in what we do - WE'RE NOT. We're just here to show to people the other side of fashion that most, if not all, the "it girls" you worship as fashion icons forget to amplify - that fashion can be cheap, as long as you can wear it like how they do. Kudos!