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What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #5.

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Photos are taken from Google Images and StyleBible.ph

Our next review's on world-renowned fashion designer, Michael Cinco.
You can see more pictures HERE from StyleBible.ph!
You can visit Michael Cinco's website HERE!

Chay's Top Three Picks!

Outfit # 1: Do I have to explain? I think this dress is perfection! It's defining the body on the right places! Can I have this dress please? Speechless.
Outfit # 2: I love the fiery red. I love the red shoes. I love the make-up. I love this. Best way to show off your legs... both of them!
Outfit # 3: My boyfriend helped me picked this! It looks so lightweight. I love how flowy it is! I love how he used pastel yellow.

OVERALL VERDICT: First time that I had a hard time picking only three! I liked ten dresses... Plus the topless hot guys? Wow. I wish I was there in person.

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!
Outfit #1: I love the deep neck line of this dress. Very clever to use white but the texture of the dress makes it so lively. PLUS, the back of this dress is STUNNING, to say the least. I want this.
Outfit #2: AHHH! I love it I love it I loooove it! Couture at it's finest! I love the detail and how it seemingly crawls on your skin. Plus it's in nude so it's perfect for any skin tone.
Outfit #3: What I love about this dress the most? The intricacy of the details. I mean yeah it's red so that's enough but for Michael Cinco's taste, of course he had to put minute details with the flow of the bottom part of dress and how the details decrease as the dress goes down. (Pardon the poor construction of my sentences, I'm still in awe of his collection).

OVERALL VERDICT: I'm dumbfounded. "Beautiful" wouldn't be enough to describe it.

*We strongly suggest you take a look at his collection by clicking the link above. You will not be disappointed. (This is our fave collection thus far.)

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