Thursday, February 16

OOTD: Tassels head and toe.

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Hey! An outfit post from me! Been a while since I've done one, so here we go!

(shirt tucked in)

(shirt tucked out)

Orange plaid shirt - mom's closet
gold and black tassel necklace - bazaar
brown belt - bazaar
denim shorts - Guess (thrifted)
turquoise handbag - thrifted
spiked and turquoise rings - bazaar
cream and gold triangle ring - forever21
leopard-print head wrap (used as a hand wrap) - bazaar
brown leather tassel loafers - thrifted

I felt like not dressing up too much (like always) but I thought hey, instead of wearing my trusty ol' espadrilles, why not my loafers? And whatdya know, it sort of improved my laid-back look. I've never been a fan of leather shoes but I might put an exception for this pair. They are ridiculously comfortable! Ah! I'm a convert. I shall be wearing this more often now so, you have been warned. ;)

Also I just realized now that I have worn tassel on my neck and feet at the same time. Overkill? Maybe, but I like it. :)

Thanks for reading!


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