Monday, February 20

Do-It-Yourself: Polka Dots

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Hi guys! This is my first DIY tutorial so please bear with me!

Okay so this one's pretty simple, but since it's my first, it's forgivable hahaha


Clean your nails! Use cotton balls/buds to thoroughly remove old polish.


Paint your base color! Make sure to put on 2 coats, just to get a more solid color.

So it should look like that. :) Leave it to dry for about 4 minutes/


Add the dots! I used a BBQ/kebab stick instead of a wooden toothpick because the tip of the stick's more circular. When you put on the dots, make sure to actually push it, rather than just dab the tip.

put on both hands. It's best if you don't put on too many dots, so it won't overcrowd your nails.

STEP 4: (optional)

Add more dots using a different color! Again don't put on too much, since now there would be two types of dots.


Put on a colorless polish for the top coat to finish the whole thing.

Voila! Sorry the dots looks uneven, I had to manually shoot and pose hahahaha. And anyway, there is no rule against oddly shaped polka dots so I think it's okay!

The trick is to use a solid/regular nail polish as base, instead of using frosted ones. I think it's better since the design's more on the dots rather than the base.

Thanks for reading my very first DIY tutorial! So, how did I do? Let me know what you think :)


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