Friday, December 2

The DIVI Challenge: 100php or less. - Accessories edition pt.2

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Hey guyssss! Took me a long time to go back to Divisoria! Good thing the holiday season's here, so vendors in Divi sell their stuff in a cheaper price than before! Of course, I had to stock up on my accessories, since I lost my other rings and necklaces. (:c) Let's see what I got for this day:

rosebud connector ring

silver flower connector ring

brass black stone ring

bird in a victorian frame with a dreamcatcher tassel long necklace

gold leaf and synthetic gem with tassel long necklace

square peace sign long necklace

easy stick-on nail art

I got both the rings and long necklaces for 3 for 100php! And the easy stick-on nail art pieces cost 100php for 4 pieces. Never (I repeat, NE-VER) have I ever had nail art done and yes though Chay does TONS of DIY nail art, sadly, I am the less-creative one in our duo. BUT, I shall do a step by step tutorial on how to put this one perfectly, after I have mastered doing it. Yes, I'm a noob. Hihi

Thank you for reading my latest post! It's a fun thing you know -to rummage the entire area for cheap but awesome finds and I hope I can do it more often! Got anything you want me to find there? Tell me! I'd be happy to give you info :-)


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