Tuesday, November 29

Collective Haul #2 - Herlynn

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Heylo guys! Again, sorry for the setback on posts. Must we blame academics again? We're trying to come up with better posts for you guys and we're doing it now! But, in the meantime, I'll show you my most recent haul. (want to see my first one? click HERE.):

sequin nail polish
20php each

 (screw that cracking nail polish but. This is the in-thing next season!)

brown leather braided belt

(thank you to my sponsor for this :D)

Papaya Exfoliating Body Scrub
The Body Shop

(I've been using tons of body scrubs lately, because my skin feels rough due to staying up late and stress. This is a really good product. A must try for sure.)

Aziza Duo-Tone Blush

(I have yet to use this. Might do a versus post with Chay on blushes. Stay tuned.)

Ivory white patent snake skin pumps
Thrifted (originally from Syrup)

(I love this because I got it cheap. Plus it's Syrup. From our readers in the Philippines, Syrup can be found on every People Are People boutiques. So yeah, quite expensive.)

High-waisted chiffon and silk skirt in black
thrifted (originally from Abercrombie and Fitch)

mini-skirt with geometric figures in wool
Thrifted (Originally from Lorella Albertini - Milano)

(I love this because it's very reminiscent of Missoni. hihi)

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