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Fashion Do's and Dont's: Christmas Parties

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Hey guys! Since Christmas is around the corner, parties are being set up to celebrate this awesome holiday. May it be between your friends, your classmates, your colleagues at work or just a simple family gathering, surely you get to socialize with tons of people. But, even though this holiday serves as a break, it doesn't mean that dressing up and being fashionable can be put to hold, too - NO. In fact, this is the one of those crucial holidays wherein you must put your best foot forward in terms of being able to dress well. And I'm here to help! Here we go:

1st: Office Party

Most people, especially those who work at a white collar job, would find this party as the start of a very long vacation. Hence, they start their vacation by dressing casually. But sometimes, most who do dress TOO casual to even be called "fashionable", and they cross the lines of being "sloppy" and "uninspired". Yes, your job may be boring at times but don't show it by means of dressing up poorly!


- dress up like you ran out of clothes to wear. Putting on your casual friday pants and top, wearing your everyday sweater and adding pumps to seemingly show that you're "out to party" is not a fashionable thing to do.
(sweater: Giordano | top: Maldita | denim pants: Forever21 | pumps: thrifted)


- add flair to your style by being sleek, funky and sophisticated. grab your tailored pants, put on a sexy yet toned down top, cover yourself with a tailored blazer and finish the look with a nice pair of pumps. This would lessen the "seriousness" but still makes that "I'm a strong-willed lady" statement.
(blazer: vintage[mom's closet] | beige ruffled top: NY&Co. | striped high-waisted pant: thrifted | white pumps: Syrup)

2nd: Outdoor parties/Concerts

Where are my college students at? Being in college means having awesome Christmas parties sponsored by the school. You get to go there for free, watch bands and other celebrities perform and get goodies at the end of the night. Some schools even open their doors for outsiders to celebrate with them and watch fireworks at the end of the night. So of course, you get to encounter different kinds of people there - most of whom you're not familiar with. Not to mention, the stress and hassle of standing all night, running around, grabbing food, etc. IT'S EXHAUSTING. So, why put more stress and effort by dressing up too much?


- put on clothes that would make you look like you went to the wrong event. I've seen tons of girls who went to concerts wearing almost the same thing as this. It's an outdoor concert, not a club.
(printed dress: bazaar | white pumps: Syrup)

*pardon the safety pin on the right side(mirror left side) I'm editing the neckline from straight to sweetheart


- wear comfortable clothes. Yes, you will sweat. So be sure to wear something that would let air flow right in. Cropped tops are my best advice and pair it with comfy sandals that would secure your feet well. If not a sandals person then put on your fave sneakers. Same thing.
(tangerine cropped top: thrifted | leggings: coco cabana | slingback sandals : Forever21)


3rd: Themed Party

Theme parties. No holiday has gone by without having themed parties.And since Christmas time is here, the most popular theme, especially for this season, has got to be the color theme. Now this kind of party is tricky, since wearing red and green is a fashion faux pax all-year round. Yes, wearing it during your party might be acceptable, but what if you encounter other people outside your party, say when you commute going to the place or when you're out buying extra stuff for the party? Either you ready yourself from humiliation, or follow this:


- take it literally. Don't actually wear a big green-colored apparel and a big red-colored apparel at the same time. Yes, I have discussed color blocking before but this is one scheme that might be unforgivable.
(green long-sleeved top: thrifted | red high-waisted skirt: Forever21 | black wedge: bazaar)


- think about your combinations. If you don't want to risk being laughed at, concentrate on one color (here I chose red), and use the other color as an accent(which I intepreted by wearing green shoes that are two tones darker). Remember: prioritize on one color, make that as your focal point, and accessorize wisely using the other color.
(dark olive sweatshirt: Gap | red skirt: Forever21 | teal flats: bazaar)

4th: Family Gatherings

When Christmas is fast approaching, it means you get to have awesome holiday parties and holiday discounts at the mall. But when Christmas is here and all those events are thru, the final party you get to attend is with your family. These reunions signify how attached we are with our families and showing up to these events show how close-knit a certain family is. Of course, these events also mean you get to see relatives that you don't get to see often, so that gives you the opportunity to express who you really are, even at a very limited time.


-EVER show up wearing really casual clothes. Yes, they're family and you're supposed to be comfortable, but you also have to take the fact that it's Christmas, not just any regular Sunday.
(Beatles graffitti shirt: | Orange shorts: Bazaar | brown flip-flops: Sanuk)


- go for dresses. More often than not, it crosses boundaries of casual to semi-casual. I prefer this because you can wear this at a simple garden party or to a dinner event without being over or under dressed.
(gray floral dress: thrifted | black lace flats: FancyFlats)


5th: Mid-holiday Events

Mid-Holiday events mean during or after Christmas and before New Year. Whether you go to church or go to other events, these things are very tricky. Since at this time Christmas has just passed, most people still try to "dress to impress" and would rely on what they got for Christmas. In turn, instead of looking great, they look hideous because of overdressing.

- wear all of your things at once! Celebrate Christmas, yes, but not like that. They may all be new but if you wear them all at the same time, it will get old pretty soon.
(Pink cardigan: Old Navy | Striped sleeveless blouse: bazaar | floral skirt: the Limited | tangerine peep-toe flats: thrifted)


- accentuate on ONE piece. Again, the trick is to focus on one focal point, and accessorize well. Wearing so many color and patterns(that aren't cohesive) all at the same time might be an overkill.
(Gray boyfriend cardigan: Memo | striped sleeveless blouse: bazaar | denim skinny pants: thrifted | white pumps: Syrup)

I hope my tips gave you an idea what's more appropriate to wear this upcoming season. But don't forget - apart from dressing well and getting gifts, Christmas is about sharing what you have to others, which is what I did to all of you! Now it's your turn to share this post to your friends, so you can spare them the humiliation. :)

Thank you for reading my post! Watch out for Chay's tutorial on what make-up is appropriate for the events you're going to attend! :) Don't forget to leave a comment! :-)


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