Thursday, November 3

What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #9.

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Chay's Top Three Picks!
Outfit # 1: Very pretty white dress. I love tight dresses. I love the heels too!
Outfit # 2: The neckline isn't really flattering but I love how the dress hugs you in the right places. I love the colour as well!
Outfit # 3: This outfit is really basic! But yeah I would wear this.

OVERALL VERDICT: The line didn't give me a 'OH CRAP I WANT TO BUY THAT' feeling. The men's line is better than the woman's though. Disappointing for a fashion show. It's really just basic stuff.

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!
Outfit #1: I like the uneven neckline; they way that the right side has the usual cute but then the left side swoops deeper in the middle to show off a little of your collar bone to your shoulders. makes your arms look smaller. Plus the triangular detail that covers half of the waist emphasizes the curve on your waist so it's a great dress for curvy girls.
Outfit #2: I love the texture this dress has. Simple white but the tiering of the dress actually shows of the curves of your body.
Outfit #3: This is a cute casual day outfit. Perfect for going out with your friends to just chill. The top makes such a bold statement with just the fabric. I'm not sure what it is (I have oxyleggings that resemble this) but it's really pretty.

OVERALL VERDICT: Not really a stunning collection for women, but then again he's really more for men's wear. Props to him for making awesome menswear, though.

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