Thursday, November 3

What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #8.

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Chay's Top Three Picks!

Outfit # 1: Really really really in cute outfit! Color blocking from head to toe! I love all the pastel colours! Very summer!
Outfit # 2: I love the colour of the dress! I love that it has its little quirks, like making it more of a fish tail dress, so it's not as simple as it looks! I would definitely wear a belt over it and probably a jean vest as well!
Outfit # 3: I really love the pattern! It's very tribal which is one of the new trends this year. And also, the black and white scheme it has makes your waist narrower as it guides your eyes to circle around, so you'll have a greater emphasis on your curves!

OVERALL VERDICT: Still thinking the same thing... Better than I expected from a department store!

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!
Outfit #1: I love the color - it's in this fall/winter season. So bringing that color to a spring/summer collection and pairing it with a patterned outerwear makes it applicable even for this season.
Outfit #2: Two words - color blocking. Yes, it's still in. Though lately I'm for more neutral blocking, you can't go wrong for the occassional pops of color. And I think the tiered skirt makes it chic. If they went for a brighter color for the skirt, I think I would've questioned their taste for styling but this light lemon color is very flattering.
Outfit #3: One thing you need to know about me: I'm a sucker for really vintage-inspired looks. And this one's reminiscent of a pin-up girl from the 50's. I love that it's black, and in one piece, so it would give more of a silhouette, than flaunt specific parts (i.e. the belly, which I am sort of in a dilemma with hehe). And, the ruffles on the bust area is a great optical illusion for flat-chested girls, so they can "fool" guys that they have full breasts without wearing tons of pads.
OVERALL VERDICT: Though the collection's very relatable to the mass, it wasn't really cohesive. Some patterns were put there just 'cause. But, for a department store brand, it's a good collection.
Thanks everybody! We have a couple more reviews to make! And stay tuned for our 30 day challenge too! 


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