Friday, November 4

Do-It-Yourself: Classy Half Moon

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B - Mya Half-Moon Manicure 300x400B - Dita Von Teese Half-Moon Manicure 300x400

Hi guys! This was suppose to be a vampire nail theme for Halloween but I guess I'm late! Haha! It's just a basic half shaped moon nail tutorial! Keep reading to learn how!

L-R (Art Deco's Black, Essie's Good To Go, Essie's Red Wraped In Rubles)
Things you'll need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads/balls and cotton swabs (not in the picture)
  • Nail file (not in the picture)
  • Any clear nail polish 
  • Any nail polish, for the half moon, with a thin tip (SUBSTITUTE: use a toothpick, bobby pin or safety pin then dip it on the nail polish)
  • Pick a base colour!

Step 1:  You should know the first step by now! Haha! Remove old nail polish using cotton balls/pads with nail polish remover. (no picture)
Step 2: Shape your nails! Long, short, square, or round, any design works! (no picture)

Step 3:

Start by painting your nails with the desired base colour!

Step 4:
(Use a toothpick, bobby pin or safety pin)
Carefully draw the half shaped moon's outline, doesn't matter if it's small or big. It doesn't have to be perfect! Look at mine... Ehehe. Then, of course colour the inside.

Step 5:
Apply your top coat for the design to last longer!

Step 6: Make sure to clean your imperfections! (no picture)

Yey! We're done!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! It's really simple, right?
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