Tuesday, November 1

What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #6.

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Photos are taken from Google Images and StyleBible.ph

You can see more pictures HERE from StyleBible.ph!
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Chay's Top Three Picks!
Outfit # 1: I think this outfit is really cute and could see myself wear this everyday. I love the bustier!
Outfit # 2: The top is definitely eye-catching and that's why I loved it! Definitely good for a day or night time look!
Outfit # 3: Love the frilly dress! I wish there were more accessories though!

OVERALL VERDICT: The men's line is okay. Some are nothing special. The girls had that iconic "big hair" of Guess going on. I just want to say that not all girls looks good in big hair. Some looked trashy especially that they had the animal prints going on in this line.

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!
Outfit #1: I love the frilly dress/denim pairing.
Outfit #2: Classic LBD. Perfect for any occassion.
Outfit #3: A-symmetrical wool(?) dress. Very pretty. I'd replace the red lips for like a nude color.

OVERALL VERDICT: Honestly, I find their line very tacky. I have less to say because no good things are coming out of my mind. Either it's too formal, or too simple, or too plain, or too slutty. Kinda like what the people from Jersey Shore would wear (the big poofy hair was the give away). Not a very good line. Blegh.

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