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Fashion Do's and Donts: Hey guys, it's time to make her Christmas right.

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Heylo guys! So this is our second installment of our article called "Fashion Do's and Donts" where we suggest a few tips on how to look better and present yourselves better. But on this particular article, I'd like to share a few do's and dont's that guys need to follow in order for them to give the perfect gift to their better halves. Yes that's right: this one's for the guys. So, if you have your boyfriend or fiance or husbands or your suitors anywhere near you, make sure to make them read this, 'cause it will help them a lot! Or, send this link to them if they're not there! Let's get it started:

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It's almost Christmas time, and yes most of the time we get crappy gifts from our relatives (I got a figurine once. Wtf was that about) but we expect the most valuable gift from our other halves. May it be jewellery we've been dying to get, or a new dog - we must get it. But most of the time, they end up failing us and giving us something we least expected to have, or none at all. So for all the guys out there, here are my 5 simple rules on giving us the perfect gift:

1st: DON'T assume sizes:

This is one mistake you should never do. Never assume that we wear this certain size or our feet are this big because more often than not, you're wrong. I have had one instance where a guy bought me a shirt and it was 2 sizes smaller than me. When I asked why did he buy me such a small shirt he said he thought I looked like a girl that would fit in an S-sized shirt. Flattering as that might be, the bad part is now I can't wear it - haven't worn it since.


If you are unsure of what her size is, make sure to ask her friends for help, because they probably have an idea since we girls borrow clothes from each other. Or better yet, if you have complete access to her room, go sneak into her closet  and find the dresses/shirts/pants/skirts/shorts/shoes/slippers/heels that she often wears; not just any type of clothing you can grab. Clothes that she often wears are the ones that fit her perfectly, so better if you pick them out.

2nd: DO research on what she likes:

It's not enough that she says to you the things that she'd like to have; no. Chances are, the things that she told you she liked are cheaper or different from what she actually likes. Most girls - that I know - rely on the fact that nowadays it's not wise to spend so much on little things like bags or shoes. I admit, I'm like that too. So, instead of telling you what we want, we tell you the second or fourth or maybe the ninth thing that we'd like to have, which is, again, inexpensive.

If this is that Christmas where you want to splurge your girlfriends or wives with the gifts that they actually want, here's my advice: Go check her phone or her laptop and look for pictures of things in there. Most likely she would've saved it there, because for her that's the farthest she can go from getting such a thing. Or, if she's that kind of girl that gets attention, most likely, she posted it on her facebook page under the title "Christmas wishlist" or "things I'd like to get for Christmas", look for the most expensive one there, that's the thing she's really into. Or, better yet, ask her friends. Trust me, they know.

3rd: DON'T be naive; not all girls like make-up!

Let me break it down for you: NOT ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME. Yes, we may have the same anatomies but that doesn't mean our brains were wired the same way! We all have different qualities that define us into certain categories - there are girls who like books, make-up, anime, skateboarding, clubbing, golfing, cooking, dressing-up, gaming, etc.. These qualities differentiate the dork from the fashionista; the gamer from the wannabe chef; the skater from the bookworm. So if you gave books to a girl you more often see in clubs rather than in the library then we might have a problem there.


There's this one thing that I always find helpful, in terms of getting to know a person - communication. Talk to her more often, ask her what are her likes and dislikes. If she fits in a certain category, go look for stuff that you think she'd find interesting! And another thing: Though these categories are concrete, there are certain girls who defy boundaries and are categorized in more than one quality (i.e., she likes skateboarding but she also digs fashion). So if you ever get to encounter such, find out which one she's more interested in, focus on that hobby of hers and give her something that you think she would like to have.

4th: Almost all the time, DO go for accessories:

Yes, more often than not, we like getting accessories than clothes. Why? First we're girls! We like small trinkets that adds flair into our wardrobe! From shoes to bags to earrings, I assure you, we have more than what we're supposed to have. And two, because accessories are more of an investment than clothes. We save our money to get shoes or bracelets more often than we save up for shorts or tops. Accessories are more wearable, since there's almost no restrictions of wearing them, in terms of seasons.


Observation is key in determining what kind of accessories she wears the most. Some of us buy more shoes than bags or bracelets and such. It would mean a greater deal if you got her what she wanted/invested more on, rather than what you think she needs to buy more.

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5th: DO the right thing; be ROMANTIC.

One common mistake most guys do is assume that we always like things. I'm telling you right now, you're wrong. Yes we like to shop, we like to buy a few things from time to time, but what we'd really like from you? Romance. Not all girls are materialistic, especially for those who have been in a relationship for quite sometime now. Most girls who have been in a relationship for more than a year or two aren't into tangible objects anymore because what they yearn for the most are sweet gestures. Girls like it when they're taken care of, and exerted effort upon, rather than being handed out a small box that had something that we already have, or we can afford to buy.


Make a big gesture. Do something you've never done before to her (i.e., write a song for her, make her food, etc.). If you're her suitor, surprise her with your guitar-playing skills and give her poetry. If you've been in a relationship for quite a while and is going stagnant, bring back the spark you once had by surprising her with a candlelight dinner(Or maybe even pop the question already?)! I promise you, not only would she appreciate it more, but it would be a save you tons of money. Remember: There are still a few of us who appreciate the small yet sweet things you do. :)

If you find this post to be quite helpful, you can send this to your other guy friends on their facebook walls: I would greatly appreciate it if you do! :-)

I hope these tips helped you guys out! Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!


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