Friday, November 4


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Hi guys! We're on our second day! Woot woot! And today it's...

Day 02 - Your Favorite Accessory
Herlynn's choice:

So for me my fave accessory would be my feather earring. Though I bought it as a pair, I wear it as a single feather earring. It's so simple yet it gives you enough edge to your outfit! It's more of an expressive statement for me, than wearing vibrant colored feather earrings. It gives this bohemian vibe that automatically gives your outfit a more relatable approach to it - makes you more grounded than wearing blingy glittery things.

What I would like to have:

I don't like wearing watches at all. But if I ever get to have this, I would make an exception. I love this because of its simplicity. It's so sleek and classy but what made it less "serious" looking is the color. I love that it's leather and that clock is a tad bit bigger than the usual. That makes it more youthful for me.

(the link is actually from, so if anyone wants to buy me this, there's the link. teehee :D)

Chay's choice:

Pearl earrings of course! I think every girl should have at least one pair of earrings, and it should be pearls. It's just really classy and it can go with a lot of styles/outfits! It's like a basic necessity.

If you know me, I am obsessed with crosses. Or just anything religious. I have tons of those Augenstein bracelets from Aldo. I have a few rosary necklaces. Tons of cross earrings. Cross rings. Just basically... everything cross. I can't stress enough how I love crosses. Here are some of my cross collection which I already posted on my Tumblr. Enjoy!

Augenstein Bracelet

What I would like to have:

Phosphor Appear Black Crystal with White Gloss Leather Strap

Phosphor Appear Black Crystal Watch with White Gloss Leather Strap 
Just want to say that Herlynn and I are bffs! Haha we both want watches. Anyway, I'm not really a watch person but for this one I'll try to be. It's so pretty! The crystal changes colour! It's so cool! It's digital too! If I buy a watch I try to buy digital ones because it's so easy to read. Haha! So sleek and stylish. This is heartbreaking. 

If you want to buy me this. Click HERE!

Hope you guys enjoyed our second day of the challenge! Don't be shy to share your own challenge! We'll link it! 


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