Wednesday, October 5

OOTD: Do that Polka!

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Silk Polka Dotted Longsleeves - thrifted
Blue Shorts - bazaar
Black Lether Belt - Hickok
Brown Leather Satchel - thrifted
Black Coral Clip-On Earrings - bazaar/ read more here.
Owl Connector Ring & Black Dinner Ring - bazaar/ read more here.
Black Wedge Heels - thrifted

Sidebar: It's my birthday tomorrow! :) teeheeee my only wish is for Chay to be here with me! Bff don't take this seriously ;)) Anywho, she's going back here in Manila next year so I`m stoked! And, sorry for the bad resolution I didn't have a proper camera and instead I used my boyfriend's phone.

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