Saturday, October 1

The DIVI Challenge: 100php Or Less - Accessories Edition. (Pt.1)

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Hi guys! So here's another divi challenge I took the other day! After buying tons of rings, I decided to look for awesome earrings but, since the weather's been pretty crappy this week, I only bought 5 and didn't have time to look for more. I promise to go back there because I didn't get to buy the tassel earrings I wanted.

gold leaf earrings

silver hoop earrings

gold bell, cross and diamond studs

5-inch feather earrings

black coral clip-on earrings (sorry for the bad resolution)

There will be a part 2 for this post! I need to add tassels earrings in my growing collection! teeheee. Anywho, thanks for reading and wait for my next escapade! feel free to comment or ask via our formspring ask box!


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