Friday, September 23

The DIVI challenge: 100php Or Less - Accessories Edition.

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Hi guys! Here's another Divi challenge I took! Looking at the statistics from week to week, Chay and I saw that most readers took time to read my post about my Divisoria challenge (finding really awesome stuff that cost 100 pesos or less). So, I decided to tackle more on that issue to make all of you read our blog more often! :)

As I read my past blog posts, I realized I lack greatly on accessories. And I admit that I do, mainly because I like to move much, so accessories would really be a big hassle. But, as I continue doing this blog with Chay I realized I need to have a few.

So today(Friday), I went to Divisoria with my boyfriend and decided to look for cheap ones. (side note: I rarely buy accessories and if I do, I would rather go to Divisoria than the mall because most department stores actually get their stuff from Divi!) For this day, I concentrated on getting fab rings and, lo and behold, I got them. Check 'em out :)

Double Finger Brass Owl Ring

Turquoise Ring

Double Finger Cross Ring (this one's a score!)

Black Flower-Shaped Dinner Ring

Double Finger Brass Vampire Fangs Ring

Double Finger Old Fashioned Key Ring

Solid Pink Ring

All rings cost 35php per piece (yes, you read it right!). I bought all of them along the bangketa (sidewalk vendors) so imagine my surprise when I saw these pieces outside at that cost when most (especially the double fingered rings) cost twice the amount inside 168, 999 or even Divisoria Mall!

Excited to wear them soon! And thanks again for reading! :) Feel free to talk to us at our "contact us" page, leave comments or go to our formspring page! :)


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