Friday, September 16

Fashion Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars' Spencer Hastings

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Images taken from Google Images.

Hi guys! Spencer Hastings will be the fashion inspiration today! Between the four friends she is the one known as the preppy one when it comes to style!

Though I don't have the exact clothes as her in the examples I do have clothes that fit in the same category. Practically I dressed myself as if I was going to a private school or clothes that are borderline formal. Your goal is to look borderline formal!

White Long Sleeves Top - Sister's closet
Blue Cardigan - Forever21
Black Skirt - Forever21
Grey Knee High Socks - Toto
Maroon Shoes - Geox

Stuck when it comes to dressing all preppy? Just remember the three P's! Polos, Prints, Plaids!

Yellow Plaid Top - Urban Planet
Yellow Cardigan - Forever21
Military Green Bottoms - Forever21
Oxford Shoes - Sister's closet

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that was good, thanks 4 that!:)

Chay and Herlynn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Anon - Glad to hear that!!! Thank you very much! ♥

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