Monday, September 19

Fashion Inspiration: Pretty Little liars' Aria Montgomery

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Hi guys! Sorry for the delay but here we are! Our next liar that we found inspiration from is the tiniest of the four, Aria Montgomery.

Known as the most vindicated when it comes to love, Aria's fashion sense does not justify. She's boho meets biker chick - sporting tons of patterns and textures while keeping the color scheme under the darker shade.

knee-high socks are her thing, too.

head wrap (used as a head band) - bazaar
navy blue dress - thrifted
black knee-high socks - topshop
black oxford shoes - thrifted

She also loves to play with textures like wool, knits and lace.

typical Aria: tons of accessories and studded footwear.

black lace top - H&M
gray paperbag high-waisted skirt - Forever21
belt - bazaar
peacock feathers - bazaar
rings - bazaar
suede studded flats - thrifted

few more tips on getting that Aria Montgomery look:
  • smokey eye make-up and eyeliners should be your bestfriend
  • dont be afraid to layer stuff, but not too much that it gets uncomfortable
  • and dont be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments! :)


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