Wednesday, September 14

Fashion Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields

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Hi guys! So this is our new article called "Fasion inspiration" where we base our clothes mainly on characters from TV Series that we love. So for our introductory post, we chose the hit show "Pretty Little Liars". First character, and the one that I adore the most is Emily Fields. :)

Emily is an athletic girl who prefers simple and comfortable clothes, and she's one of the more simpler girls out of the four of them. But do not interpret that characteristic as too lazy to be fashionable, because she can wear clothes simple enough, that it works on any type of girls.

My first fashion inspiration from Emily Fields are her simple silhouettes. She's not a fan of wearing too much make-up or accesories so she makes up for clothes that fit well and maximizes her features.

My Interpretation:

She's a fan of loose-fitting shirts and v-necks. So instead of wearing the usual tank or spaghetti strap I wore my gray V-neck.
Boots and messenger bag: a staple for Emily Fields.
Blazer - vintage (from my mom's closet)
Gray V-neck - thrifted
Leggings - Coco Cabana
Brown Leather Combat Boots - thrifted
Brown Leather Messenger Bag - thrifted

Another staple for Emily Fields are striped tops and mini skirts.

My Interpretation:

Sneakers and minimalist accesories are the quintessential Emily Fields.

Striped sweater - Forever21
High-waisted White Skirt - Forever21
Bracelets - bazaar
Brown Leather Messenger bag - thrifted
Brown sneakers - Keds

I hope you guys know a thing or two now about Emily Fields! Thanks for reading and drop in a few comments if you like! :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love your style! But, what I really love are those brown leather combat boots! Tell me, where did you get those from, and what brand are they? I need to know! Lol :)

Xina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am searching all over the place to find boots like those lace up brown ones too! Please tell me a brand or anything to help me search? Would you sell them?!

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