Wednesday, March 21

3 Day Challenge: Knit Sweater

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 My first ever 3-day challenge! Go ahead and read! :)

So for the first day, I went for a more girly look, (which I never do).

Paired it with my beige wedges

(they look like Melissa by Vivienne Westwood wedges right? So cute!)

Wore my hair in a semi French braid


gray knit sweater - Love Is All
blue flowy skirt - The Limited
floral twisty head band (used as a cuff) - Nicole's gift
enamel bird ring, black cocktail ring & key connector ring - bazaar
beige jelly wedge shoes - Flonnie

I don't normally dress very girly but I felt like this challenge should show my range. I mean I can't stick to my usual comfy casual type of wardrobe, plus my new shoes look super pretty! I actually saw a pair of Melissa by Vivienne Westwood replicas in divi a few days before leaving for Bicol, and they were like 1800php there. When I got to shop in Bicol, I found the exact same shoes for 400php only! Super score!

Pardon the small spots on my legs, I just came back from my province and apparently, insects like my blood. Hence, the yucky scratch marks and insect bites. -_-

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! :)


Cisco said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i like your style..

Herlynn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey thanks Cisco! If you want more outfit posts, go to my personal blog! :-)

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