Monday, January 16

The stakes were high. (The Philstar YStyle holiday outfit contest.)

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Hi guys! So this post won't be the type of thing that I usually discuss here - it's more of a personal experience. Care to read?

So a few weeks back, PhilSTAR YStyle (The Friday fashion section of the Philippine Star) held this contest wherein we (their readers) had to submit our most fashown holiday outfits, via twitter. First prize gets 15,000php worth of GC from SM that can be used as Forever21 GCs as well.


So I tried my luck, and came up with an outfit that I thought summed up last year's hottest trends:

" my best holiday outfit! My play on pastel, tassels and combat-inspired fad last year. Enjoy! :) "

So that was my entry. Yes, I am aware that the editing was crappy (haha) but I saw the ad on the day of the deadline! Needless to say, this was the best look that I could've pulled off that morning.



But! I lost to a great group of competitors! See, that day they decided that not only would there be one winner, but they chose 2 more to get a consolation prize, and that's to get their pictures published alongside the grand winner. (NOT BAD!)

So here are the two other winners who got their pictures published:

Matt Lee, @leathergiraffe
" We're not allowed to put up a tree anymore but that wasn't gonna stop me from having fun! Merry Christmas! "

Lorenz Namalata, @wehlorenz

And the winner of the 15,000php worth of GCs from SM/Forever21:

Jeanne Khe, @jeannegerbread
" My Holiday Outfit! :) "

Congratulations to all of you! Very well deserved. :)

Catch PhilSTAR's YStyle every friday on Philippine Star! Or, to get more updates, follow them on twitter at:

If you want to read all their past articles, click on their archives HERE. (trust me, they're pretty good! their article about the thick eyebrows and why I should leave 'em thick is my fave so far!)

Thank you for reading! :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Herlynn! I didn't see your outfit post on twitter! Sayang maybe you could've been chosen. Maybe your tweets weren't public? I'm not sure! :) Anyway, thanks for reading and keep joining the contests!
-YStyle intern

Chay and Herlynn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow thank you! I'm glad to hear that :) Sana you guys get to do another contest like that soon! Thanks again _ Herlynn

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