Wednesday, January 18


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Hi guys! This is Chay typing and I'm very sorry that I haven't really contributed anything to our blog. I have been busy with school and work. It's kinda stressing because a lot has happened but yeah! Happy New Year! Haha! We had to stop our favourites from the Philippine Fashion Week but don't worry! The 30 Day Challenge is still on and now we're on our 6th day! We're so far behind! But here it goes!

Day 06 - Something Hello Kitty
Herlynn's choice:

Not only am I not a person who wears make-up, I don't also own anything that has this kitten's face on it. However, I do have this one piece, and it's more of a tangible memory than a collectible. This one and only hello Kitty thing I have is a keychain given to me by my dad when I was in first grade. I remember him giving this to me on the first day of school before he drove me there. I have no significant dialogues that went along with this but I will always remember that this keychain was given to me by my dad on my first day of school. First and only Hello Kitty thing I have.

Chay's choice:

I was a Hello Kitty fan when I was a kid but... I grew out of it but I still think HK is cute! Haha! I don't have any Hello Kitty items but my sister gave me a... Hello Kitty Vans! I honestly haven't worn them out yet because it's currently snowing in Vancouver. IT SUCKS. But oh well! Looking forward to put these little cuties on! My first ever Vans!

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