Thursday, January 19

Collective Haul #3 - Herlynn

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Hey guys! Another collective haul from me!

Okay so this haul's sort of a special one because all of these things were given to me by my boyfriend for Christmas. He took me to SM Megamall to shop. But since his girlfriend's a frugal girl (le me) he insisted that we go across the street from Megamall to St. Francis Square (which was a sort-of closer to home divi-esque bazaar place for those who live in the North). Safe to say I had a great time. :) So these are the things that I got!

black and silver matinee necklace
bazaar, St. Francis Square
(my first dressy necklace! And it's pretty!)

gold peace sign long necklace
bazaar, St. Francis Square

gold bangles
bazaar, St. Francis Square
(yipee another 7 on my growing bangles collection!)

cream and gold ring
Forever 21, SM Megamall
(the only thing I bought there that day. Blegh.)

flowy leopard print top
bazaar, St. Francis Square

khaki and black suede flats
bazaar, St. Francis Square
(I'm sorry I'm not familiar w/the specific style of this shoe. Hihi)

All in all it was a great day. They had plenty of stuff there, and they sold nifty items that most boutiques inside the mall didn't have. Though the area was a bit too stuffy for me (mind you, I go to Divi every other week). Plus some were a bit pricey for me. But it was a great experience and I'd like to go back someday.

Special thanks to my boyfriend for taking me there and buying me all of this. Thanks babe! hihi.

Okay well thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will be posting yet another collective haul but it's also a special post! Why? You'll see ;) In the meantime, thanks and do read our other posts, yeah? :)


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