Monday, October 31

What I Would Wear: Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer '12 #3.

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Randy Ortiz's collection for Bench.

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You can visit Randy Ortiz's Website HERE and the Bench's Official Website HERE as well!

Chay's Top Three Picks!

Outfit # 1: My favorite of the bunch! It's very well put together! Plus, red is very in this fall! LOVE!
Outfit # 2: Red again! I wish I can pull of this pants but this outfit is pretty good!
Outfit # 3: Another all-black outfit! And of course, a red belt to accentuate the waist and for a pop of colour!

OVERALL VERDICT: I love how this line has always something red in every outfit. I love the guy's line too! Very polished looks!

Herlynn's Top Three Picks!
Outfit #1: I love the bootleg pants. They're in this season and I love how the color makes a statement!
Outfit #2 LOVE the skirt. Sheer and pleated? Very, very chic.
Outfit #3: This outfit shows you how wearing black from top to bottom isn't as boring as most may think. The trick is to use patterns and texture. And the way they styled her? Flawless.

OVERALL VERDICT: Did not have much to choose from but the totality of the line is very sleek and sophisticated, without sparing too much details. They focused more on minimal bursts of color and texture. Randy Ortiz did a good job.

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