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Fashion Do's And Don'ts: Rainy Season.

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Hi guys! So this will be our new featured article and it's about a few fashion do's and don'ts that we believe would help all of our readers. We thought of making this article because most girls nowadays think that being fashionable is infinite - that nothing can stop you from putting on all the things you want wear. But, in particular events/seasons/occasions, you must recognize boundaries and ethics and of course, if and when you're crossing the line between being "fashionable" and being "too crazy" So here we go.

Since it's been raining here in the Philippines, I decided to make an introductory post on what are the usual mistakes girls make during this season. It may be simple enough - rain stops and eventually passes by anyway - but for most, one crucial mistake can lead to painstaking hours of stress. So here are just 5 do's and don'ts one can do in order to avoid buttloads of hassle and have an easy day even though it's raining :)

1st: DON'T Wear White/Light Colored Shirts

If you don't want to look like you've just entered a wet t-shirt contest, spare yourself the embarrassment and don't wear light colored tops or shirts. I've seen few girls complain "sheeeeeeeeet kita na bra ko!" and I can't help but answer back, "eh t**** ka pala ba't ka lumabas ng nakaganyan?" in my head. Most do this without even thinking about it, and they pay the price. (side note: I wore a printed bra to make a contrast on this picture and the next one.)
(white cropped top - thrifted)

If you can't help but wear white try wearing tops that have thicker fabric or those that are made more in cotton than polyester. Like this one:              
(white sweater - thrifted) 
2nd: DON'T Wear Flats That Are Made Of Cloth

 I've fallen victim to this countless times, especially because the weather here in Manila has been pretty "bipolar" these past couple of months. But, to those who expect rain and still wear these, you have been warned. Wearing shoes made out of cloth or lace or even espadrilles while raining is a definite no-no - from ugly foot tracks to getting a rather itchy sensation to getting home and cleaning and soaking the shoes in tons of soap before it dries up and gets an awful smell.

(black lace flats - fancyflats | hot pink flats - SoleMate | the rest are from different bazaars)

 3rd: DO Wear Open Sandals

In connection to the previous number, wearing sandals gets big ups from me. Not only are they easy to rinse (when wet), but they are strappy, so when you step into a flood, they don't fall off easily. But, not all sandals can withstand being soaked in water for a long period of time. For some, they easily break apart. So my suggestion, buy sandals that are branded. They are sturdy. (These three have been with me through a couple of mini-floods and heavy rains now)
(first two sandals from Forever21 | 3rd pair from a bazaar)

4th: DON'T Wear Really Long Pants/Skirts

I see this mostly on middle-aged women who don't give regard on what they are wearing. Please refrain from ill-fitting long pants such as this that crinkles up at the bottom. It's not only unfashionable, but when it rains, you get tons of flood water up to the top of your ankles. It would give an uneven color to your jeans plus, it'll get dirty. (side note: while most of you would say "just fold your pants", I won't. I'm not a fan of it. It makes me look short)
(denim pants: Forever21)

If you can't resist wearing denim, I would rather you go for form fitting jeans. They absorb less water, get less splatter, plus it's the in thing right now. But for me, my go-to statement would always be leggings. Not only are they form fitting, they are dark so the splatters from the water and mud won't be obvious.
(denim skinny pants: thrifted) 

5th: DO Bring The Essentials

This would probably be the best advice I could give you. I know stocking up on these things aren't really fashionable - in fact it's actually baduy - but, when the rain does come and you get wet, would you still even think of what you look like by then? My advice, never leave the house without at least one of these things, especially when the clouds are getting dark and there's a draft. Remember: a ready camper is a happy camper.
(In the pic: foldable umbrella, towellete, small plastic bag)

So here just a few of my tips that I live by. I hope that after reading this you'd all know a thing or two about how to enjoy this romantic season with ease. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions! Thank you! :)


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