Monday, October 10

Do-It-Yourself: Gradient + Zebra Nails

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Hi guys! So for the Tumblr users, you guys all know there are tons of nail designs flooding our timeline! I saw this design and got inspired to do my own version. Check out to see my design!

L-R (Art Deco's Black, Essie's Good To Go, OPI's Chapel Of Love, OPI's Pink-Ing Of You, OPI's Do You Lilac It?, Insta-Dri's Whirlwind White)
Things you'll need:

  • Nail polish remover (not in the picture)
  • Cotton pads/balls and cotton swabs (not in the picture)
  • Nail file (not in the picture)
  • Any clear nail polish 
  • Any sponge (I used make-up sponge) (not in the picture)
  • Any black nail polish with a thin tip (SUBSTITUTE: use a toothpick or safety pin then dip it on black nail polish)
  • Any white nail polish
  • Pick 3 different colours for the gradient effect! (you can add more colour but I used 3 for this tutorial)


Step 1:  Of course! Remove old nail polish using cotton balls/pads with nail polish remover. (no picture)
Step 2: Shape your nails! Long, short, square, or round, any design works! (no picture)

Step 3:
Put a white base for the design to last long!

Step 4:
Continue with painting your first colour (I prefer the lightest colour but it's your choice! Have fun with it!)

Step 5:
Paint your second colour on to the sponge.

Step 6:
Soon after the last step, quickly pat it on to the half of your nail. (work quickly if you're using nail varnish that dries fast) It doesn't have to be neat!

Step 7:
Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 but use the third colour.

Step 8:
On the inspiration pic, they had a leopard print but I used zebra print instead (coz I'm not use to leopard prints YET, hehe!)

Slowly draw zebra prints. Take your time! Practice first if you want.

Step 9:

After waiting for it to dry... Apply a top coat.

Step 10: Make sure to clean your imperfections! (no picture)

And we're done!!!

Hehehe make sure you wait for everything to dry! So you won't have the same mistake that I did! But it still looks cute, right! Haha! Click HERE to view our past nail tutorials! Enjoy!

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