Tuesday, September 13

VERSUS: Cracking Nail Polish

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Hi guys! So here's our new featured article called "VERSUS", where we take two different brands of one product, compare them and weigh their pros and cons. The issue that we want to tackle more is the fact that there will be times when getting the best, the most well-known and most expensive products doesn't neccesarily justify getting best results; there will be those that will function way better at an even more cheaper and affordable price. So here we go!

The first product on our review list is cracking nail polish. This new fad began not so long ago and we got hooked. 

So, Chay bought this 'Nicole by OPI Crackin Silver Texture' ($10), used 'Rimmel 340 Marine Blue' as base and 'Essie Good To Go' top coat.


  • convenient (you can go to stores that sell OPI products and find this product easily
  • long-lasting (lasts up to a week without chipping)
  • has up to 6 colors on sale
  • low definition of the "cracking"
  • expensive
  • requires heavy loads of coating before getting desired effect

Now, this next cracking nail polish is different. All three are brandless and are either bought in Divisoria (cracking nail polish and white regular nail polish) or at your nearest drugstore (top coat).

Herlynn used a brandless red cracking nail polish(25php), HD white nail polish as base and generic colorless nail polish as top coat.


  • Higher definition of desired outcome
  • unmessy (the nail polish can be scratched off once it gets on your skin)
  • only "cracks" on specific types of nail polish (frosted nail polish as base may not have the same effect)
  • transitory (starts to chip off after two days)
  • convenience (sale of this nail polish may not be accessible to most)

So far, both types of cracking nail polish has different effects and now it's up to you which one you'd rather have. :) Thank you for reading and we'd love to hear what you guys think of this!



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