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Fashion Do's and Don't's: Posing

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Yes, you read that right. It's a post on common mistakes done by girls when posing. Go take a look!

Posing. It's a simple gesture or movement done when taking pictures. May it be candid or practiced, posing defines a person's characteristics. Girls, most especially, have different types of posing depending on what their persona is. I know a few who project fun and flirty poses, and I know one or two who try so hard to look erotic. As for me, I'd go for whatever suits me - which is, uh, I don't know exactly. Hahahaha. Whatever you see here on our blog, that's it. :)

Now why did I make a post about posing? Well, it's because most girls don't know how to. They try to exude model-esque poses which might not turn out the same way as the ones that supermodels do. And, lately I've been seeing girls do unflattering poses (which you'll see later) and I feel sad because, well, they're girls! We should all look pretty! Anywho, here we go with a few of my own versions as to how girls pose now, and what I can suggest they do instead:

Pose 1: the leg up

Girls do this all the time and some are just fine. But most? they extend their legs far enough to make it look hoochie. It looks tacky and super cheap. And, for the love of everything holy, you're not a cowboy and you didn't just ride a horse! Close your legs!

My suggestion:
After you open your legs, try to bring your knees in together. Subtlety is the key, so instead of looking ridiculous, you'd look more refined.

Pose 2: spread apart

Believe it or not, I've seen girls do this pose. And they do the "look away" thing so it would look effortless. But really, it makes you appear shorter, wider and forced.

My suggestion:

If you really can't close your legs (because you're that kind of a person), then I suggest you create optical illusions, such as this one. Bend one knee and tilt it inward so you'd create angles. It would seem like you have longer legs.

Pose 3: Bambi feet

While this may look okay, I've seen short girls do this pose where they look knock-kneed (or in my language, "piki"). And for short girls to do that, it would make y'all look even shorter since you didn't stretch your legs. (I called this pose "Bambi feet" because you look like a deer).

My suggestion:
Since you'd like for your knees to meet and get to know each other better, I suggest you cross your legs and point your toes towards the camera. That way the curve of your feet would make you look like you're taller
You can cross your legs and point the toe of the foot that's on the back. It's less formal that way.

Pose 4: the booty tooch

You thought you've seen the worst? Nope. Girls do this especially when they're in a group shot. They want to stand out. So they "tooch" their booty to make it seem like they're curvy (with matching hideous hand gesture to complete the irritating look)

My suggestion:
Do the basics: Shoulders out, stomach in, butt out. Turn to the side and pose. This would make your attempt to look sexy enough to stand out seem effortless.
(Sorry I had to hide my face. I look pretty ridic there)

Pose 5: knee-high

Okay, this is the second worst of them all (the next one's the worst). I've seen a few girls do this, trying to channel their inner "Pussycat Doll" vibe, but instead they look like manly construction workers. Some of them were even wearing skirts or dresses! Take it from a girl who looks brute on her own: you look ridiculous.

My suggestion:

Since you can't close your damn legs, or put 'em down for that matter, try posing in a flirty way like the poses I did above. may not have the same height or effect but it's less raunchy than yours!

Pose 6: One hand up!

I told you this is the worst! And this is so common, you have at least one friend who does this. I admit, I've done this once or twice, but as a joke. Now it's not funny. To all girls who do this: 1980's called. They want their tacky posing back. (Notice le duck face? Yup. It's intentional.)

My suggestion:

Instead of going over head, why not place your hand on the side of your head? Then strike your seemingly "candid" pose and then voila! Less Cyndi Lauper and more Cindy Crawford. (at least for one picture)

Other tips:

This is important, especially when your built is more straight than curvy:

Know the difference between holding onto your hips and waist.

When you hold on to your hips, it creates less definition to your curves but extends your arms downwards so it looks thinner and longer at the same time.

When you hold on to your waist, it defines your silhouette much better than when you hold on to your hips. But if you do both hands, you might look wider, since your shoulders and arm are spread outward. What I do is I use one arm, tilt a little to the opposite side and let my other arm hang on my front. Try it. Not only will you have curves, it would also show your arms and you create angles so you'd look taller. :)

Well I hope you guys learned a few things from me! And you if you have friends whom you think resembles some of my "bad" poses, link them this post and save them from humiliation! Thanks for reading! :)


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