Friday, March 23

3 Day Challenge: Knit Sweater

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Last day for my challenge!

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Click here for the second day --> 3 Day Challenge: Knit Sweater (DAY2)

LAST DAY! YIPEE! And on this post I made it close to what I imagine I would wear if I went too Woodstock. :)

I love my combat boots :)

I went overboard with the accessories

gray knit sweater - Love Is All
black satin head band & floral head band (combined and used as a head wrap) - Chay's gift
round sunglasses (brown faded tint) - bazaar
black and gold tassel necklace - bazaar
animal print ring, gold long ring, black ring, black cocktail ring, gold spiked ring - bazaar
cream and gold triangle ring - Forever21
red leather belt - Fleet
tattered denim shorts - Levi's
sheer spotted tights - Peacocks
plaid ankle-high combat boots - thrifted

I was channeling my inner radical persona in this "hippie-meets-grunge" ensemble. Yes, I did wear this, but for a short period of time. I was too scared to wear this long enough for people to actually see. Sadly, I'm a coward. But at least I put it on? Hihi at least give me that ;)

Thanks for reading the whole challenge! How did I do? And what did you think of this outfit? Tell me everything! :)


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