Thursday, January 19


Answer Questions

Day numero 8! Care to see what challenge we got into this time? Here we go!

Day 08 - Your Favourite Cocktail Ring
To know more about what cocktail rings are, click HERE!

Herlynn's choice:

I love this for two reasons:
One, it's turquoise.
Two, it gives me this sort of immaculate vibe, like a picture of the Guadalupe should be in the middle. Either way, I totally love this ring and don't wear it all the time, else the wow factor will eventually fade!

Chay's choice:

Honestly, I was never a fan of cocktail rings until just recently and thank to my best friend, Herlynn! She bought me tons of rings and this is just perfect! I have always said that I would start collecting more gold or just ring accessories! So far this is my fave and the heaviest ring I have so far! Haha!

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