Wednesday, October 19

Fashion Inspiration: Glee's Mercedes Jones

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Hi guys! So here's another fashion inspiration we both wanted to do, and this time, it's from the hit TV series Glee! The girls from Glee have distinct fashion senses so we wanted to try out how we can incorporate their sense of style to ours. So first up, the only diva worthy enough to rival against New Directions' star Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones.

I would describe Mercedes' style as urban meets edge - from wearing layers to rocking different patterns all at once. She can pull off the Missy Elliot outfit, or rock out a stunning dress ala Jennifer Hudson.
She LOVES colors and bright patterns and knows how to mix and match them.

So here's my interpretation:

mixing burst of colors + patterns is a good way to go
loud accessories like this gold dangling earrings is very Mercedes.
pair it with some awesome sneaks and you're good to go!

If and when you feel a little lazy to put on radical pairs such as the first one, don't fret. I found a quintessential Mercedes Jones look, but a bit more laid-back:

When she's not sporting really flashy clothing, Mercedes goes for a more casual yet funky get-up- pairing graphic shirts, denim pants and really awesome kicks.

my fashion interpretation:

She loves graphic shirts and wears eye-popping undershirts, too.

She loves her kicks like a pig loves not being a bacon. (stupid joke.)
She loves wearing fedoras, head bands and yes, beanies.

multi-colored wool vest - thrifted
zebra-print shirt - Forever21
gold dangling earrings - bazaar
cyan pants - thrifted
penguin-patterned pink and black sneakers - Vans

gray beanie - unbranded
red graphic shirt - my big brother's closet
yellow razorback (worn as an undershirt) - Roxy
denim skinny jeans - thrifted
vintage nike dunks - thrifted (owned by a friend)

Pardon the face, I had mood swings that day (notice the seemingly drastic change of aura from the first drabby picture to the joyful yet very cliche jumping shot thing I made).

Thanks again for reading yet another post of miiiine! We'd like to hear your feedback! Comments? Suggestions? Really, really violent reactions? Go to our formspring askbox and post 'em! (except for the violent reactions. Go punch a wall then.)


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