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How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes.

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Hi guys! Every girl needs to know how important it is to clean your brushes. Inside those dirty brushes are bacteria and dirt, who wants to put that on their face??? I assume that everyone already knows this cheap trick but this is for the people who has still no idea about cleaning their make-up brushes! This is how I clean my brushes and I know everyone has a different way, you just have to find out the perfect way for you! You can always leave a comment if you want to share your own way! So here it goes!

Things You Will Need:

  • Baby Shampoo (Why baby shampoo? Regular shampoos such as Head N Shoulder, Pantene is a bit harsh for make-up brushes.)
    TIP: Treat your brushes like a baby. BE GENTLE as you want to last long which equals to, saving money.
  • Dirty Make-Up Brushes, of course!
Once you have those... We can finally start!

Step 1:
Make sure you use the right temperature. Not too cold nor too hot! You don't want to damage those babies!

Step 2:
Now, rinse the brush really well, don't rub it too hard. Try to always make your brush facing downwards and try not to put water pass where the circle is, see image. The water may slide up or down which may ruin the glue inside. That means lots of hair fall or bye bye make-up brush.

Step 3:
Put a decent amount of baby shampoo on your palm depending on the size of you brush. Don't forget to turn off the water! Conserve water! Hehe.

Step 4:
Wash your brush, GENTLY! The lighting of my camera may be yellow but you can see how dirty the bubbles are... Ew!

Step 5:
Rinse, rinse, RINSE! Follow step 2! Make sure there's no more shampoo or else, it may cause you to break out!

Step 6:
SHAPE your brush to its original shape.

Step 7:
Put it over your counter (or on top of a clean cloth).

Step 8:
Go back to Step 1 until you finish cleaning the rest of your brushes!

AND we're done!
 If you want to DEEP CLEAN your brushes, you can use EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL! After using baby shampoo then use EVOO to condition your make-up brushes.

For the drying process... I can't stress enough not to dry your brushes like this see image on top. Same explanation on STEP 2. We don't want to ruin our brushes, right?

 If you have a smart way of drying your brushes downwards but can still keep the shape of the hair then, please do share! But for now, I dry my brushes this way. There are still chances that the water may slide down but it has less chances that drying it up upwards! It's your choice!

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