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Practical Skin Care Tips For The Everyday Woman.

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For all of us, dealing with problems especially of our well-being can be tough. We do things that can harm our bodies (i.e. Eat unhealthy food, go to polluted places, not sleep well) that cause damages which can instantly be reflected on our physical looks. Breaking out, oily/dry/scaly skin, and weird bumps all over your body are some of the most common side effects of your unhealthy routine. Sadly, not all of us, have time or even afford to get expensive beauty products or even go to the derma to get help.

So this is where we come in. We'll show you ways on how to not only cure, but prevent certain skin ailments to ever land on your skin, without costing you so much, and can easily be included in your daily routine. These easy and totally practical tips are sure to beat all your woes about your skin.

This post will be a two-part entry, because most of what I use are either organic or over-the-counter. This particular entry will tackle the cheap finds you can easily buy at your nearest drugstores/grocery stores. So let's get started...

One of my least favorite things to put on is lotion. Since this is a very humid country, my legs tend to get sticky once the heat strikes, so I rarely used it when I was young. Wrong choice. So growing up, I had white scaly spots on my skin. Thinking it was just skin asthma, I took clobetasol (given by my derma) and waited for it's magic to be done. Sadly nothing happened and in fact it got worse. So my brother (yes my brother) bought me this Jergens Ultra Healing lotion and told me to put it on religiously for about two weeks. And you know what? It worked. Not only were the spots gone but my skin was glowing. From then on, I've been using this daily and have not missed a day.

TIP: Try putting a heaping load on before you go to sleep instead of in the morning before you go to school/work. Not only would it be more comfortable, but it will do great things while your body's cells regenerate while you sleep.

Taking a bath for me is a big deal - takes me almost 40 minutes. But since entering college and learning how to cram, the time allotted for taking a bath decreased immensely and it showed on my skin. I started getting small bumps on my forearm, scaly skin on my leg and the rest goes on. I got pretty scared as to why my skin was like this and my derma said I needed tons of moisturizer. Having to go to a school with tons of cars and PUVs all the time, it's no secret that my skins jacked cos of pollution. And the 1200php bottle of toner my derma gave me didn't work. So I looked for other options, until I found this. Garnier milky lightening dew worked wonders for my skin. It not only took the scaly parts away but it's much more softer now. What it does is not only clean your skin (like any other regular soaps would) but also has pure lemon essence that gets rid of dead skin cells. So now, I can worry less of shortening my bath time & using generic soaps long as have this on!

TIP: You can apply this at anytime (be it after you take a bath in the morning or before you sleep) as long as you do it generously.

Having to grow up in a household where the way to get cured when sick is to drink tea and herbs, I was always impartial to taking medicines and chemically-induced drugs. (I mean even until now, I have not taken one single pill if I get dysmenorrhea). So vitamins and supplements were also not my thing. But after entering college and exposing myself to the real world, even my skin had culture shock. So my mom suggested I started drinking vitamin E supplements, just to test it out and see if it will work. I bought a couple and you remember the small bumps I mentioned a while ago? Yup, they're all gone. For the nay-sayers out there who don't believe these supplements work, trust me they do. Now my skin's healthier and softer because of this, and it's not scary! You can either intake this or use vitamin E infused serum, but capsules are cheaper of course.

TIP: Even generic drugs such as this can have the same effect as Myra-E and other well-known supplements. I got this as a gift from my relatives from US and, when computed, costs about 4php/capsule. Cheap no?

This one would probably have to be my favorite. Most people assume that the magic and wonders of coconut oil is just hokum. Well it's not. It's actually one of the best discoveries known to mankind especially when it comes to skincare. It can practically cure every skin ailment you have AND moisturize your skin at the same time. Not only can you use it on your skin, but also put it on your hair (for when you have dry hair, dandruff or split ends), nails (when it's dry or your cuticles are jacked) and even your heels (when it's cracked or dry). And the best part is, you can make one on your own! My mom has been making mine for months now and it decreased my expenditure by about 70%! Roast the coconut meat after you've shredded it at low heat and wait for its natural oils to come out. Just make sure it's not burnt otherwise the oil will be useless. Let it sit and cool for about 1 hour and start putting it on!

TIP: For a better effect on your skin, take one teaspoon a day every morning (two if you've got the hang of the taste already).

So this is the first part of my daily skin maintenance routine. My best advice is to not do all of these things at once. Take time to let the process heal your skin so as to garner perfect results. I experimented on all of these and it might not have the same effect on you but I hope at least one of these would help. Thanks for reading and feel free to write comments! Thank you! :)


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